VAN-King, now partnering with Loaded Bikes

We are thrilled to reveal our latest collaboration with Loaded Bikes.  Not only that, but here at VAN KING, we are bringing you an innovative solution for your VW Transporter needs. If you’ve been searching for a sliding tray system that seamlessly integrates bike transportation with a cooking pod, your search ends here.

At VAN KING, we’re proud to offer the Steel-Slider, a versatile solution designed to cater to your every need. Choose between fixed position bike mounting or our own multi-position fork mount and L-Track rail combo. This unique setup not only provides a wider range of positions for your bikes but also allows you to utilise the L-Track for various other purposes, adding versatility to your setup.

And the versatility doesn’t end there. Should you find yourself with surplus space and no need for the cooking pod, it can be effortlessly removed to accommodate even more bikes. With our fork mount, you can securely transport up to 6 bikes across the width of the rear threshold, ensuring maximum utility from your Steel-Slider.

Worried about weight? Don’t be. Our Steel-Slider boasts a load rating of up to 180kg, making it robust enough to handle even the heaviest e-bikes with ease. Combine this with our equally sturdy fork mounts, and you can rest assured that your bikes are securely fastened for the journey ahead.

Experience the ultimate in convenience, versatility, and durability with VAN KING.

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