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VW Kombi beds with cooKing and dining system

Van life is a gamechanger – but what’s the best way to achieve it? VAN-KING Kombi bed system vs camper van conversion? Read on to make the right choice for you.

Is a full VW camper conversion worth it?

The truth is, it depends on your budget, lifestyle, and needs. Converting your VW van into a camper is a big expense and commitment, which can feel quite daunting.

And while a fully converted Transporter allows you to escape at a moment’s notice, it’s not your only good option to experience life on the road. 

It’s worth doing your homework to make sure you’re happy with your final decision. 

What is a VAN-KING Kombi bed system?

A fully functional VAN-KING Kombi bed system turns the inside of your VW Kombi into a space where you can sleep, with a bed frame, mattress, and tabletop. Plus, our steel slider is specially constructed to give you easy access for bikes, pods, trade materials and boxes.

VW van featuring VW van bed system, mattress and table

Benefits of VAN-KING Kombi bed system vs camper van conversion

A bed system is perfect if you need your van for everyday use whilst enjoying regular camping adventures. Here are some of the many benefits of the VAN-KING bed system. 


The system is quick to fit and easy to slide in whenever you’re ready to hit the open road – plus, this ensures a much better experience than going for a full DIY job yourself!


Making the most of your VW T5 or VW T6, your sleeping system comes with the option to add on a biKing or cooKing pod (with carrying handles, a soft-close drawer, and side cupboard) for even more flexibility. 


A well made removable sleeping set-up gives you a luxurious night’s sleep without committing to turning your Transporter into a camper full-time. It’s actually even comfier with our deluxe mattress, and your bed is bigger because you don’t have to make space for the full kitchen of a converted van.


Can I use the VAN-KING Kombi bed system on my LWB and SWB?

Yes – check out the VAN-KING sleeping and cooking options on offer for your VW T5/T6 LWB Kombi or your VW T5/T6 SWB Kombi.


Van-King Kombi bed system is the versatile way to get the most from your Transporter


Transform your Volkswagen Transporter in seconds

Ready for an adventure? 

With the VAN-KING Kombi bed system, you can go for the platform with 2-tier storage, and add a deluxe mattress. Upgrade by adding a steel slider tray with a biKing station if you’ve got the mountain bikes in tow.

Or, you can go for the full monty with our popular cooKing pod – making you the envy of all the campsites on your road trip.

Whichever you go for, we’ll take care of the fitting so you’re good to go. 

Find out more about the VAN-KING story or contact us at VAN-KING today to get on the road with our premium and flexible alternative to camper van conversion.  

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