Volkswagen T5/T6 Kombi/Shuttle Bed System

Our Kombi/Shuttle Bed has been a popular choice, due to the unique design that allows you to get the most from your van. Whether it’s a family bus or mainly a work horse, it gives you the best of both worlds, offering a quick transformation to a weekend camper in a matter of seconds.

The bed system allows you to have a full width bed system with the added advantage of a unique rear pull out table. It is fully or partially removable and yet still allows you to have the full use of all your factory fitted seating, therefore maintaining the functionality of your existing rear Kombi or Shuttle seats. This means you do not have to modify your van in any way!

My customers have bought the system for their T5’s and have swapped it over to their T6 when they have upgraded. Others have sold their Kombi/Shuttle as a camper and actually increased the value of their van.

We’re proud to stake claim that our beds are now in VW T5 and T6’s the length and width of the UK, tried and tested for durability.

Storage and Dimensions

When the bed is assembled there is between 50.5cm – 51.0cm vertical clearance underneath to the crossbars, and 114.5cm internal horizontal distance between uprights of the frame. The mattress height is 66.5cm from the rear thresher, and 11.5cm deep throughout full range of bed systems.

SWB KOMBIbed length 80” / 203cm, width 60” / 152cm – Flip over mattress.
SWB KOMBI / SHUTTLEbed length 80” / 203cm, width 58” / 147cm – Flip over mattress (requires third row seats to be removed).
LWB KOMBIbed length 74” / 188cm, width 60” / 152cm – Bi-fold mattress. 
LWB SHUTTLEbed length 74” / 188cm, width 56” / 142cm – Bi-fold mattress.

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