LWB Panel Van

VAN-KING Bed System & Mattress For LWB Panel Van



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Steel-Slider - VW T5 / T6 

1220mm slider includes:

+ £950

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CooKing Pod


+ £695

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Package Deals


Bed, Deluxe Mattress & Steel-Slider (1220mm) The perfect starter package – includes everything you need to turn your van into a camper without the expense and commitment of a full conversion. Include a high-quality bed system, steel slider, and upgraded, deluxe mattress.

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Bed, Deluxe Mattress, Steel-Slider & CooKing Pod (1220mm) Our best-selling package which includes our high-quality bed system, steel slider, upgraded deluxe mattress, and our CooKing Pod so you can sleep and dine in style and comfort on your next VW Transporter adventure.

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Why Choose a VAN-KING System?

Industry leading system giving you flexibility whatever your usage.

Removable in seconds to give full depth of van back for all your other uses.

High quality powder coated steel bed framework.

Get a five star sleep with our deluxe high quality vinyl mattress.

10 years in the making, and one of the original concepts.

Design protected in the UK and Europe.

Pull out table top whilst bed in situ or folded back.

Unique and superior, customers travel from Switzerland, Germany and beyond.

VAN-KING Luxury Mats

Our tailor made VAN-KING mats are a high quality, thick pile, gel backed to minimize movement.

Front Cab £44.95
2nd Row £35.95
Front & 2nd Row £77.95
Steel Slider £49.95
SWB Kombi Boot (with Bed) £56.95
LWB Kombi Boot (with Bed) £64.95
LWB Shuttle Boot (with Bed) £49.95
SWB Kombi Full Set/Boot £127.95
LWB Kombi Full Set/Boot £137.95
LWB Shuttle Full Set/Boot (4 rows i.e 4 carpets) £147.95
Full Set including Steel Slider **excluding Shuttle. £123.95
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