How much does it cost to convert a VW T5 T6 into a camper?

SWB Shuttle with bed system and deluxe mattress

Wondering how much it will cost to convert your VW T5 or T6 into a camper? Explore your options and compare conversion prices in our latest blog.

How much does it cost to convert a VW T5 T6 into a camper?

A camper van conversion for a VW Transporter T5 or T6 ranges from £5,000 for a basic conversion to £40,000 for custom builds.

Converted camper vans include insulation, flooring, furniture and kitchen. Then, you have the option to add extras like pop top roofs, heating, appliances, and more.

Is a full camper conversion worth it?

It depends what you’re looking for. For some people it is, but if you want more flexibility for your van, there are other ways to experience the freedom and fun of van life.

What are the alternatives to VW camper conversion?

If the expense and commitment put you off, you have other options available for turning your van into a camper.

You can DIY it – this may be cheaper, but it takes a lot of work and it’s not for the inexperienced.

Or, you could invest in a high-end removable bed system for your VW Transporter conversion, giving you all of the benefits of enjoying the great outdoors without the full conversion cost.

This gives you flexibility to use your base van for other things and frees up your budget for more gear, equipment, and experiences.

How much is a removable Kombi bed system?

Our high-quality removable bed system starts from £1,045 for a SWB Kombi Bed System & Mattress.

Add on a steel slider for easy access to bikes or work materials and a cooKing pod for dining – the full package is £2,545 for a SWB Kombi, with similar prices for other specs.

All prices include fitting.

Is a Kombi bed system as comfy as a converted camper van?

Despite being more cost-effective, the Kombi modular bed system doesn’t compromise on comfort.

We offer deluxe mattresses and because your van isn’t fully converted, there’s more space for a larger bed – the perfect recipe for a restful night after your latest staycation.

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