JOHN YORK, Chillington, Kingsbridge – June, 2020

Here we have the first of many to our Blog page: this is John’s first day with the versatile VAN-KING Bed System. He has fitted this into his VW T6 LWB Shuttle, which he refers to as the ‘Love Bus’!

John was after a bed system that he didn’t have to make any modifications to in his VW T6. He wanted the versatility of having a occasional camper, but yet still retained the flexibility of a practical multi use van.

Looking at the smile on his face, we have made a very happy customer! Welcome to Club VAN-KING……enjoy your new found adventures.

Thank you from all at VAN-KING!

JOHN BROCKLEY, Bromley Cross, Bolton – July, 2020

This is John’s VW T5.1 LWB, which was originally a panel van. John has converted it himself and having a engineering background, clearly shows in the conversion.

You can see it’s kitted out with our LWB Kombi system: the 2 x table/board top with the rearmost board pulling out to create a functional use table. As you can see, the stylish flooring with 2 tone light and dark grey lining looks brilliant. A clever lighting system adds to the mood at night and we think you will agree works really well.

John came over initially to view our demo van. He very quickly made the decision it was the best of both worlds, since it retains the functionality of the van, as well as the bonus of having a bed to get your head down for a good nights sleep. John returned a couple of weeks later to have the system fitted by us.

John’s words, “The Family love it!”, music to our ears!

Thank you from all at VAN-KING!

John is fully utilising his van to the full potential . . . a true multi-purpose vehicle.

Cool light system!!!

JUSTIN BRANNAN, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria – July, 2020

This is Justin’s VW T6 SWB Kombi, with a full leather ‘R’ style red and black trim. The interior has been finished off with anthracite carpet lining and grey suede, which looks fantastic.

Justin has chosen our SWB Kombi System with the 2 + 1 split mattress, which gives the versatility to remove the single rear seat if he requires more space inside the van. Justin made the decision over a short call to us that this was the bed system to suit his needs perfectly. He travelled down from Cumbria and was able to return the same day since the system can be fitted in minutes.

Justin has already put the bed to the test twice at Coniston Hall. The first time the weather was a little unkind to say the least: his awning fell off, the toilet tent blew away, the screen cover blew off, his radio was playing up……and did I mention the dog was sick! But he still said, ” It’s the greatest weekend he’s had in ages, and the bed was brilliant”! Fortunately during the next visit, the weather was nicer and a they had a good nights sleep.

Thank you from all at VAN-KING!

DOUG AND DIAH McADAM, Stanley, Perth – July 2020

Doug and Diah needed a true multi-purpose vehicle with having a outdoor work life and lifestyle, we were more than to happy to install one of our bed systems in their factory standard T6 SWB Kombi.

Well as you can see within weeks of installation they’re trying it out on the NC500 in true VW style, these photo’s are taken beside Kylesku Bridge looking up to Quinag.

Thank you Doug and Diah for choosing our bed system and we’re delighted hear that it works well for you.

Thanks from all at VAN-KING.