BiKing Station

The BiKing Station is yet another great addition to the VAN-KING Steel-Slider. It allows you to transport multiple bikes securely and safely inside your van, reducing the risk of theft. The perfect van bike storage solution for every cyclist.

We offer 2 types – a simple bolt-on fixed/slide system for the occasional cyclist and a top-end Loaded Bikes ‘multi-position’ system for the more serious or extreme riders.

VW Transporter biKing system
VW Transporter biKing system

VAN-KING Slide Rail System

Loaded Bikes Upgraded System


  • VAN-KING Slide Rail van bike storage (this is required on both systems i.e to fix the Loaded bike rail to the Slider) – £100
  • Fork mount (one needed per bike) – £29.99 or 2 for – £50


  • Loaded Bikes – Surface mounted L-track Rail and Fixing Kit – £81.80
  • Loaded Bikes – Fork Mounts with spacers – £140 each