Let me introduce myself, I’m Murray Stephen the founder of VAN-KING.

VAN-KING originated purely because no one had the product I wanted for my VW T5, that would suit the need of my family life. I therefore set out to design and produce it, and after a few head scratching moments, finally came up with a truly unique product. 

I have to say my obsession started way before my T5 with VW Scene in the late eighties. After owning numerous MkI Golf Gti’s and a MkII Golf GTi 16v, including a show winner, it was easy to see my meticulous nature to detail would pay dividends for the future.

I have truly been a proud owner of many Volkswagen / Audi vehicles, but the transition to the VW T5 was imminent, after I met my wife Kaye and shortly afterwards having a couple of kids, Shaun and Kerri.

Having a sporty, adventurous family I quickly realised a multi-purpose vehicle was a necessity with an inbuilt transformer system that would meet the needs of the family, for a few nights away with Kaye or away with kids, but then transform back to an everyday practical van in seconds. 

It was actually at a VW Show with our Audi TT show winner, my son Shaun saw his first T5 and was really taken by it and to be honest, I was convinced by my 7-year-old, it was the way forward.

Shortly afterwards, we purchased a VW T5 LWB Shuttle, it quickly had the first edition of the bed system installed. It was so simple to operate and gave us the best of both worlds, whether, we were mountain biking, at Shaun’s rugby, skiing, camping trips, touring the UK, it proved to be the right move for us as a family, a true multi-purpose vehicle that suited our lifestyle.

After so many people commented on the bed system at VW shows, I realised that there was a gap in the market for a versatile bed system in the T5 / T6 range. It was at that point we set about creating VAN-KING bed systems on a larger scale and never looked back.

As a true VW enthusiast, you can be rest assured that your VW is in safe hands with us, we only know too well that it can be a difficult choosing the right people to entrust with your pride and joy. We now have great team, like a family really, pulling together our experiences to ensure the product keeps going from strength to strength.

The VAN-KING bed system has been design protected by our legal team. We therefore provide individuals and businesses with a system that you will not find anywhere else on the market.

Want to know more?

7 Crown Meadows
OL13 9QW
Tel: 07813011578

All rights, title and interest of whatever nature (including but not limited to copyright design rights and trademark protection relating to VAN-KING bed system) and all intellectual property rights, vest in and belong to VAN-KING.


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