5 reasons traders love the VAN-KING Kombi bed system 

Van-King Kombi bed system and deluxe mattress

Weekday work van and weekend camper? Traders are loving the versatility of the VAN-KING Kombi bed system – find out why it’s the best way to make the most of your Transporter every day of the week. 

5 reasons tradespeople love the VAN-KING Kombi bed system

Make more of your van

Work van, camper, family van – traders love the versatility our system brings. 

If you’ve ever weighed up the benefits of investing in a camper van, this is a way to experience that lifestyle without the expense of a brand new vehicle. 

Be more organised 

The steel slider by VAN-KING gives you easy access for bikes, and also doubles up as a slick storage and organisational system for tools and equipment, helping you make the most of your space and stay more organised at work.

Save time planning your next trip

Love camping but don’t love searching for accommodation or lugging the tent out of the attic? 

Having a ready-made bed system you can slide in instantly saves valuable time planning a trip – so you can hit the road whenever the moment takes you.

Designed around you

Whether you’re a lone ranger ticking off Wainwrights or a mountain bike-mad family chasing the best trails, there’s a VAN-KING system for you.

As well as the best-selling Van-King Kombi bed system, you can add on biKing and cooKing pods to create your perfect combo. 

Better work-life balance

You work hard all week, and it’s often hard to down tools and switch off come weekend. 

With your VAN-KING Kombi bed system waiting for you, you have the perfect reason to get a better balance in life and enjoy more leisure time, boosting your mental wellbeing and even your physical health.

Bed and storage for VW Transporter

About the VAN-KING Kombi bed system 

Created by an adventure-loving family, the VAN-KING Kombi bed system turns the inside of your VW Kombi into a camper in an instant, with a deluxe mattress for five-star sleep, and a tabletop for comfortable dining. 

It’s no wonder traders like you are embracing van life with the ease, versatility, and comfort offered by the VAN-KING Kombi bed system. Is it time you joined them? 

Get in touch with the team at Van-King to make your work van work harder for you. 

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